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Balancing the stride: Improving upper body mobility for running

DR A.Pal • 30 Jun,2023


It’s a beautiful morning, you lace up your running shoes, step out and feel the sun energise you, and there you are, ready to conquer the outdoors and fitness goals, one stride at a time. There is a spring in your step, naturally reflecting in your pace. It is going to be a great run today, or so you thought, till you felt that sudden twinge in your shoulder. Catches and cramps in the upper body, leading to injuries at times, is common among runners. This brings to light the need for upper body flexibility and mobility, even though your run is primarily driven by the middle and lower part of your body.

Many runners make the mistake of ignoring mobility and flexibility of the upper body. The focus falls squarely on building endurance, speed and strength in the lower body, overlooking the crucial role of upper body in the biomechanical chain that manifests into the running stride.

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